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Cleaning products


Excl. VAT
  • Perfect dry without stripes
  • 5 times weight in water absorbtion

Squeegee and scrubber in one 40 cm

Excl. VAT

aluminium pole 1m50

Excl. VAT

aluminium pole with waterinlet 1m60 – 1/2″ and 3/4″ connection

Excl. VAT

aluminium telescopic pole with waterinlet 1m60 – 2m75

Excl. VAT

aluminium telescopic pole without waterinlet 1m60 – 2m75

Excl. VAT

Carwashbrush short

Excl. VAT

Carbrush with watertank

Excl. VAT


Excl. VAT

Brush Pro double 25 cm

Excl. VAT

Brush Pro double 25 cm hard fibres

Excl. VAT

Brush Pro double 25 cm half hard fibres

Excl. VAT

Brush Pro double 35 cm

Excl. VAT


Excl. VAT

Regenerating salt for water softening systems


  • is used for the regeneration and to increase the absorbing capacity of the ion exchanger in the water softener system
  • guarantees a longer equipment life by preventing lime scale
  • special grits for purposeful dosing


25 liters

California carduster

Excl. VAT

For a quick removal of dust without scratching

Carwash Power Glaze

Excl. VAT

Excellent drying effect and deep shine


  • gives a deep warm gloss similar to a polish
  • highly concentrated – therefore economical in use
  • very good drying results because of the conditioning components, with good peservative effect
  • dirt attachment less easily
  • contains water repellent and shine-enhancing polymers


25 liters

Carwash Power-Clean

Excl. VAT

Alkaline based budget pre-wash with foaming properties


  • highly concentrated
  • high cleaning power
  • contains caustic soda
  • suitable for foaming system alkaline based


1000 liters

Carwash Powerfoam Acid

Excl. VAT

Acidic foam cleaner for the purpose of lowering the pH value as preparation for the drying process


  • specifically suitable for use in foam arches, spray brushes, conveyor wash and rollover wash
  • gives in combination with pressurized air and water a nice, not overly thick foam layer with good cleaning properties
  • improved drying result with “low consumption”
  • setting of drying agent or wax
  • very gentle to the paintwork
  • contains natural acid


25 liters

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